About Us

Proudly supporting teachers for the past 25 years.

Our purpose is to supply teachers with relevant, practical, creative and engaging resources. We’ve been in the business of supporting teachers for over 25 years, through the development of quality teaching materials. All of our resources are developed by teachers, for teachers, with a distinctly student-centric approach to learning.

Our Vision

Our Story

User Friendly Resources is the product of kiwi ingenuity, and just a bit of community spirit! It all started when a couple of science teachers became the envy of their colleagues for their thoughtful, engaging and creative teaching resources that they’d created themselves, so they pooled resources and the rest is history! User Friendly Resources was born out of that classic can-do attitude, and 25 years later we’re still committed to making your teaching lives easier.

In the past 25 years, our range of materials has increased, and so too has our product delivery! We’re proud to offer tech-savvy teachers engaging, interactive PDF e-books for use on smartboards, iPads, laptops and tablets, directly alongside our traditional physical resources. We now have over 700 active titles in our collection, and have a trusted reputation for developing innovative, practical, creative and engaging materials.